We are ensuring optimum energy production, through integrated real-time hardware performance monitoring.

How it works

Renewable energy monitoring involves the continuous monitoring and analysis of renewable energy systems to ensure that they are operating efficiently and generating the expected amount of energy. It involves collecting data on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as energy production and using this data to identify areas for improvement and optimization of forecast performance.

What you get

Being an unpredictable resources, both wind and solar are carrying the unbalancing costs with them. On Day Ahead Market, the forecast is done until 12:00 in t-1 for t, so the closer we get to the delivery period, the better are the results. In this respect, having the trading done 1-hour ahead, this comes with more accuracy and a lower balancing costs.

ANTEnergy offers a team of 6 people, covering the Day Ahead Market and Intra-day trading also in the week-ends so we can get a better accuracy of the forecast used and get more value for our customers.

The intra-day trading is taking in consideration the energy production and the technical availability that is given by the monitoring system in a certain moment in time.

Don't let rising energy costs dim your future. Join us in leading the change towards a greener, more cost-effective energy landscape.

Long-term partnership

“We have been working with ANT Energy since 2015 and we are happy to recommend them for businesses that need to sell their renewable production of energy at competitive levels.“

Reduced imbalances costs

“We began collaboration with ANT based on their promises to reduce our balancing costs related to our renewable energy assets. And they truly delivered. The instability of prediction is now reduced by half and in some months of the year we reached zero imbalances costs”

Building lifetime business partnerships

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