Energy sale solutions

Achieving energy revenue with a balancing cost below 10%, by knowing exactly when to trade, due to high accuracy forecasts and market data insights.

How it works

The renewable boom brought also extra volatility and more creative possibilities to sell the energy.

Day ahead energy trading is a process by which energy is bought and sold in the wholesale market for delivery the following day.

At the same time, the renewable energy producers sell the forecast made one day ahead and the clearing price is subject to a netting mechanism after deducting the unbalances.

Intra-day energy trading is a type of energy trading that occurs within the same day, with 1 hour and 1 second before the start of the time interval.

Intra-day energy trading is becoming increasingly important in the energy industry, as renewable energy sources like wind and solar power introduce more variability and uncertainty into the electricity grid. With intra-day energy trading, market participants can adjust their positions based on the latest forecast information about renewable energy production, helping to reduce the unbalancing costs.

What you get

ANTEnergy offers a dedicated team covering the Day Ahead Market and Intra-day trading so we can get a better accuracy of the forecast used and get more value for our customers and to reduce their imbalances.

Don't let rising energy costs dim your future. Join us in leading the change towards a greener, more cost-effective energy landscape.

Long-term partnership

“We have been working with ANT Energy since 2015 and we are happy to recommend them for businesses that need to sell their renewable production of energy at competitive levels.“

Reduced imbalances costs

“We began collaboration with ANT based on their promises to reduce our balancing costs related to our renewable energy assets. And they truly delivered. The instability of prediction is now reduced by half and in some months of the year we reached zero imbalances costs”

Building lifetime business partnerships

Facilitating today's green energy. Get insights on how your business can benefit from our expertise in renewable energy!

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