Forecast optimization

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How it works

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the grid is that their output can be variable and intermittent, which can cause imbalances in the electricity system. For an individual power producer from these sources, such imbalances are translated to a certain cost per MWh. This cost vary from country to country, taking in consideration the energy source to balance the energy system.

To generate the wind power energy forecast, we work with different power prediction providers and we optimize the output by automatic probability calculation. The software ultimately chooses the probability that can be applied in a certain context of wind speed, wind direction, air density and wind velocity.’s team is always ready to promptly respond and adapt platform recommendations to your specific market situation.

What you get

Benefit from’s methodology, created to provide reliable day-ahead and intra-day data, based on a 10 years timespan learn & improve platform algorithms, which have been designed to cross-check three global partner weather data sources and to compare with real time outputs, benchmarking with other participants in the energy market. The real-time cross-data validation enables power plants to benefit from most up-to-date streams of info, related to own balancing market position.

Don't let rising energy costs dim your future. Join us in leading the change towards a greener, more cost-effective energy landscape.

Long-term partnership

“We have been working with ANT Energy since 2015 and we are happy to recommend them for businesses that need to sell their renewable production of energy at competitive levels.“

Reduced imbalances costs

“We began collaboration with ANT based on their promises to reduce our balancing costs related to our renewable energy assets. And they truly delivered. The instability of prediction is now reduced by half and in some months of the year we reached zero imbalances costs”

Building lifetime business partnerships

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