Prosumers’ forecast

ANT proprietary algorithms forecast software secures an outstanding forecast accuracy for aggregated prosumers.

How it works

In the last 16 months, the number of prosumers and their impact in the market increased exponentially. The impact can be seen in decreased consumption and increased volume of energy injected into the grid, both with direct link to imbalances costs.

What you get

Renewables are hard predictable resources, and prosumers are even harder. Due to the fact that is hard to monitor how much a prosumer consume, how much it produces and how much is the volume injected into the grid, that leads to important imbalances for energy suppliers or traders who are supplying energy to prosumers or are buying their surplus.

Our algorithms can predict for day-ahead and intra-day each MWh injected into the grid for the aggregated portfolios of energy suppliers.

Don't let rising energy costs dim your future. Join us in leading the change towards a greener, more cost-effective energy landscape.

Long-term partnership

“We have been working with ANT Energy since 2015 and we are happy to recommend them for businesses that need to sell their renewable production of energy at competitive levels.“

Reduced imbalances costs

“We began collaboration with ANT based on their promises to reduce our balancing costs related to our renewable energy assets. And they truly delivered. The instability of prediction is now reduced by half and in some months of the year we reached zero imbalances costs”

Building lifetime business partnerships

Facilitating today's green energy. Get insights on how your business can benefit from our expertise in renewable energy!

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